Best Air Mattress for Heavy Person 2022

Are you a heavy person? Then you know how challenging it is to purchase anything, especially when it comes to air mattresses.

One of the crucial things you need to keep in mind is its size or weight capacity to make sure it fits you perfectly. But you're not alone in this experience. It seems that other heavy people feel this as well. Luckily, manufacturers know that and have designed the best air mattress for heavy person. 

With the wide variety and availability of air mattress models and types, you have many options. We have put together a comprehensive review of the top six best air mattresses for a fat person, together with a buying guide and FAQs. 

Which Mattress Thickness Is Best for Heavy Sleepers?

As the part of the air mattress that provides all the support, the core needs should be thick enough to hold the weight of heavier sleepers without wearing out or collapsing.

Research suggests that the thickness of the core materials, whether foam or innerspring coals, must comprise the thickness of the overall mattress. Personal preferences often differ, but researchers determined that the best mattress for a heavy sleepers has a 6-inch thick core at a minimum and an overall thickness of at least 10 to 14 inches.

Heavy Sleepers who needs extra support must consider putting the mattress on an extra-solid foundation.

Are Thick Mattress Toppers Bad for The Back?

Mattress toppers can be made from various materials and laid on the mattress. The key purpose of toppers is to change the top of your sleeping surface. It can make your soft bed a little firm or the firm bed a little bit softer.

A mattress topper can also supply further support and protection to your current frames. A few people also utilize toppers to safeguard their mattresses and function as a protective barrier.

However, if it can add support, why do other people still wake up with a bad lower back? A too-firm mattress can hurt the back and using the wrong mattress can worsen back pain.

In short, a mattress topper that is suitable for your needs will be good for your back. However, a mattress topper that is not suitable for your needs tends to be bad for your back.

Best Air Mattress for Fat Person

The best air mattress for heavy people can be versatile as it's not just inflatable but also portable. Thus, you can easily deflate and carry it when you go camping.

If you consider an air mattress for camping trips, puncture-resistant material and portability are the two crucial things you need to consider.

Other plus-size weight people with more than 600 pounds will need a robust mattress to hold their weight. Others are also searching for the best air mattress for their daily use.

Depending on various purposes, you can pick an ideal model for your demands, weight, and budget with our detailed guide of the six best air mattress review for heavy people.



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SLEEPLUX Durable Inflatable Air Mattress


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Coleman Air Mattress

Coleman Air Mattress

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Intex Dura-Beam Delux

Intex Dura-Beam Delux

Here are the top  Best air  mattresses for heavy people

1. SLEEPLUX Durable Inflatable Air Mattress – Best Overall

SLEEPLUX Durable Inflatable Air Mattress

This air mattress for heavy people from SLEEPLUX not just offers you a convenient spare bed for sudden guests, but it also provides some amazing features. That quality air mattress is three layers, offering you a comfortable and durable sleep surface.

Every layer also has its air channels, which means there's less chance of deflating during the night. You can rest assured it will offer you consistent layered comfort and sleep support.

The mesh core is made from a dense polyester, surrounded by two layers of PVC. That also offers you excellent levels of support for the shoulders and back.

This air mattress provides a built-in pump that offers inflation in as little as five minutes. Deflation is straightforward and quick-you must plug the adapter into the wall and press the button.

This mattress is also made to avoid leaks, meaning you won't lose air pressure during the night. One of the features you will love about this air mattress for fat people is the inclusion of a USB port. That enables the sleepers to charge their gadgets during the night.

The mattress also comes with many extras, such as a repair patch kit, pillow, and storage bag.

Features of the product:

  • It is extremely comfortable and offers excellent sleep postures
  • It has automatic inflation and deflation system
  • It features built-in futuristic options

  • PROS:

    • Easy to setup
    • Durable
    • Comfortable
    • budget-friendly
    • Risk free test after100 nights


    • Slightly smaller than regular queen

    Final thought of the product: SLEEPLUX has designed a comfortable air mattress geared with futuristic options. The mattress is available in queen size with a weight-bearing capacity of 661 pounds. It's high-quality PVC with mesh core support for enhanced durability and features I-bean construction for extra support.

    2. Englander Air Mattress with Built in Pump for Kids & Adults – Best for Different Weight Classes

    Englander Queen Size Air Mattress

    The Englander air mattress for heavy people comes in California king and queen sizes and allows you to choose between black and brown colors. It features a built-in air pump that inflates the mattress to its full size in less than two minutes and can be deflated easily with a button press.

    The air mattress is made from premium-grade microfiber with a silky soft flocking that creates a durable and strong outer shell without compromising any smoothness and comfort. Also, the interior of this luxurious air mattress boasts reinforced coil beams that offer ultimate durability, support, and stability.

    The waterproof, durable full microfiber material and advanced coil beam construction make a solid outer shell. Furthermore, you feel like sleeping on the cloud due to its silky soft flocking.

    This air mattress for kids and adults is four inches wider than all available models. Nonetheless, it is still lightweight and portable enough for convenient and simple use. It can bear the maximum weight limit of 800 pounds.

    Also, the integration of a high-speed pump enables you to easily inflate the queen-size bed in just less than a minute. You will love the built-in pump because it offers ten percent higher air-flow volume than nearly any other top brand in the industry.


    • Soft $ Comfortable
    • Durable
    • It takes less time to inflate


    • A little bit expensive

    Final thought of the product: This air mattress can even deflate on its own with the simple switch of a button, making it simpler and more convenient for storage or carrying with. Thus, if you are searching for a heavy duty air mattress, you must not miss out on this one from Englander. 

    3. Coleman Air Mattress Support Rest Double-High Air Bed – Best for Everyday Use

    Coleman Air Mattress

    This Coleman Air Mattress offers you a convenient and practical mattress. This air mattress has been designed to a high standard, with a coil construction offering you decent levels of support. The coil construction will guarantee the mattress contours to the body, offering you great support in the places it needs most.

    The reinforced build of that mattress also indicates you can take advantage of the maximum stability. The strong construction also indicates the mattress weighs up to six hundred pounds, making it ideal for two sleepers.

    It is also made with great construction that the company is popular for and is designed with their patented AirTight system that tests every mattress to guarantee it is 100% leak-free.

    Furthermore, an integrated air pump enables you to inflate the bed in just a few minutes, while leak-free valves stop the air from escaping during the night.

    Portable and simple to use, this air mattress bed should be deflated, folded up into thirds, and spun tight enough to fit into the provided bag.


    • Soft $ Comfortable
    • Durable
    • It takes less time to inflate


    • A little bit expensive

    Final thought of the product: The air mattress is also better and higher than other brands, enabling you to get in and out of bed more easily. The mattress also does well in comfort tests. The mattress top's velvety finish is soft on the skin and offers decent traction for keeping bedding in place.

    4. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Built-In Electric Pump – Best for Overnight Guests

    Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam

    For people who have picky guests who have a difficult time getting down to floor level, Intex Comfort Plush Air Mattress is a good option. At 22 inches thick, this is one of the best and tallest on the market, making it good for more mature people or those with limited mobility.

    Even at that height, it comes at an affordable price point, has a duffel bag for storage, and has a waterproof top to safeguard against accidents or spills. The airbed is made of high quality plastic and doesn't take over four to five minutes to inflate. You might believe that plastic may spoil your sleeping experience, but that not's the case.

    The bed's carrying capacity is at least 600 pounds. You can utilize it for yourself and your guests. The horizontal support beams are suitable for all the body, especially the back. Its Quick-Fill pump ensures easy and fast usage. You get the airbed in a small bag that you can utilize to store the bed later when not in use.

    The amazing part of this air mattress for heavy people is it comes at an affordable and decent rate. You can also claim it as your own for under $80. You also receive all options based on the heights and sizes you like.

    Features of the product:

    • It has high and unique raised edges
    • It has a carrying capacity of 600 pounds
    • It comes in different lengths and sizes


    • Soft $ Comfortable
    • It inflates faster
    • Patch kit in this package


    • Sometimes it needed to inflate again and again

    Final thought of the product: The Intex Dura-Beam Airbed is geared with a soft flocking layer at the sleeping section. That layer offers the users an ultra-comfy and soft feel throughout the night. It's both puncture-resistant and abrasion, leading to a long life. Also, the uniquely designed high edge offers you more space to relax or sleep. It even features a rich fiber-tech construction that offers more support.

    5. EnerPlex Twin Air Mattress for Camping, Home & Travel – Best for Camping

    EnerPlex Air Mattres

    The EnerPlex Air Mattress is a multifunctional air mattress suitable for at-home or camping mattress use. The mattress stands sixteen inches high, suitable for people who like sufficient room between themselves and the ground.

    Also provided with this mattress is a built-in pump that must inflate the bed within two minutes. On top of that, the pump is compatible with a portable battery pack or a car outlet adapter for inflation throughout travel.

    Apart from camping use, this premium air mattress can be utilized as a floor mattress at home or be purchased outdoors as a portable bed for traveling and camping. It comes with a built-in pump and fast deflation or inflation valve, enabling you to get the bed ready in just a few minutes.

    The unit is also made with puncture-resistant, durable PVC and has a strong coil beam construction that offers solid support for proper spinal alignment. The best part is that it features a premium comfort top flocking that stops leakage and offers non-slip stability wherever you are setting up your camp.

    Features of the product:

    • It is excellent for camping and outdoor use
    • Excellent durability over peers
    • It includes a convenient carry bag


    • Soft $ Comfortable
    • Highly Durable
    • It inflates faster


    • Expensive

    Final thought of the product: This air mattress boasts coil beam construction for sturdy and superior support to help the sleeper rest comfortably. The mattress also features a waterproof surface and puncture-resistant PVC, suitable for camping in the great outdoors and even extending the lifespan of the products. 

    6. Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Air Mattress Series – Best for Back Pain

    Intex Dura-Beam Delux

    This Intex Dura-Beam Air Mattress is a comfortable and convenient choice. It comes in a queen size, making it ideal for numerous back sleepers and guaranteeing it can be addressed with your current bedding. Also, the dual-chamber construction makes this air mattress a stable option, along with the premier frame offering the main section added support.

    An integrated air pump indicates all you need to do is connect to an electrical output to deflate or inflate the mattress, with complete inflation taking a few minutes. The dimensions of that mattress are impressive, as well.

    You can anticipate an inflated height typical of a regular bed, ensuring you won't have trouble climbing in and out of bed. A durable and dependable carry case is added with the mattress to offer you a convenient storage solution.

    Dura-Beam has a unique design patented by Intex to add to the support and comfort level using Fiber-Tech construction on the bed's interior. Rather than a solid wall channel that most air beds use, Fiber-Tech construction utilizes thin fibers to create the channel, enabling air to move through the channels while keeping the comfort and support you expect.

    Features of the product:

    • It features an in-built pillow for added luxury and comfort
    • It comes with a convenient handbag
    • It features elevated height


    • Durable
    • Cheaper


    • Not Comfortable

    Final thoughts about the product: For consumers needing an air mattress for their back pain, you may like a budget mattress over the more luxury-style costly ones. An advantage to today's online consumer-direct market is that you can find quality products that are budget-savvy.

    The Pillow Dura-Beam Air Mattress is available in either a twin or queen size, and customers can pick between a deluxe or standard pattern depending on their needs and preferences.

    Best Air Mattress for Heavy Person Buying Guide

    When searching for the best air mattress for a heavy person, we often find many important things that impact the final decision. It will help you understand which one would be the ideal model for your needs, budget, and weight.

    We hope the following features will help you choose the most appropriate air mattress.

    As a heavy individual, you must first ask how much weight an air mattress can hold. Remember that the air mattress you will purchase is for your over-average body. Thus, it should be strong and durable enough for that weight.

    The best air mattress for fat people must support approximately ten percent more than your average weight. There will be extra force and weight when lying on the mattress.

    Many air mattresses available on the market are made for big people. They can often hold 300, 600, 700 pounds, and even 800 pounds! You should pay close attention to where the height of the mattress plays a crucial role in that case.

    The preferred height of the air mattress for heavy people must be double height. If you prefer the one that's too low from the ground, getting back on your feet will be challenging.

    We know how challenging it is for big people to get into and off the bed. Normally, it's never a fun or exciting thing to get out of the air mattress from the ground. Thus, the air mattress' height plays a vital role in that case.

    The best height of the best air mattress for a big guy must be double height. Are you picking the one that's too low from the ground? Then getting back on your feet must be a challenging task.

    Apart from height, the air mattress's firmness is also essential. Normally, when we talk about air mattresses, people use one to ten scales for their desired measurement. The number ten represents the firmest ones, while the number one is the softest mattress.

    For fat people, it is best to pick models with medium firmness, from six to eight, to get the most comfort possible.

    As you may know, fat people might sink into the air mattress if it's thin. Also, you'll find it challenging to get out of the mattress, and it impacts your sleep quality significantly. It would help if you considered the thickness of your air mattress.

    Some of the typical thicknesses of today's air mattress are the following:

    • -          High-profile air mattress (over twelve inches thick)
    • -          Medium-profile air mattress (ten to twelve inches thick)
    • -          Low-profile air mattress (less than ten inches thick)

    Remember that high or medium-profile air mattresses are the best for big people. Such will offer you sufficient comfort and support. That's why many heavy people opt for low-profile ones. Still, it may depend on your personal preferences.

    Air mattresses are often made from rubber, urethane plastic, or PVC. Whatever material the air mattress is made of, the one you pick should bear your heavyweight. Further, it must be breathable and comfortable enough to avoid sweat.

    It should endure your weight in place. Other models are geared with a layer of suede that is perfect in nearly everything. Meanwhile, it is not a great idea to pick an air mattress made of rubber.

    Big people indeed need a bigger air mattress than the normal size. Present air mattresses are accessible in various sizes for big people to choose from, such as king-size, queen-size, and twin-size.

    An air mattress isn't a balloon, as its name suggests. Instead, it's composed of a complex system of channels. An air mattress is built with an internal coil system to endure your weight.

    The air will mow up and down through the coil, offering a supporting team under the body. The internal coil system guarantees the mattress won't deflate even if you sit on its edges.

    You will experience different inconveniences if the air mattress has an integrated pump. It enables you to inflate the mattress easily and quickly with less effort. Nonetheless, it's not always the case.

    There might be cases where buying an air mattress with an integrated pump might be unfavorable.

    For example, are you planning on taking your

    camping air mattress out for or traveling? You might have enough power to operate the pump. You might wish to get a manual pump in that case.

    Ease of use, comfort, and size are the main things you need to consider when buying an air mattress. However, some come equipped with added features that could come in handy. Remember that you will often pay more for added features.

    Other air mattresses are fitted with LED lights to act as nightlights. Others have USB ports that allow you to charge your laptop, tablet, or phone while you sleep.

    It should go without saying that you like to carefully consider price and all the other factors. You will pay about a few hundred bucks to buy one of the more quality beds, or you can go for the cheap route that will keep your cost way down but limit the features and comfort you enjoy.

    In the end, it is all about what you like this air mattress to do for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    Extra furniture like air mattresses can come in handy when sudden guests come. Having an additional air mattress on hand is smart for any homeowner. They don't need to be for guests, but you can also use them when moving or camping.

    Keep reading below to answer your frequently asked questions about air mattresses for heavy people.

    Q: How do I fill up my air mattress?

    The simplest option is an electric pump. It could be a battery-powered pump or a 12-volt plug for your car battery. Another option would be a manual pump, such as a ball pump or bike pump.

    Any air pump could fill your air mattress, as long as you can make a seal between the mattress plug and the pump.

    If you don't have the above options, you can still inflate your mattress with a hairdryer or vacuum cleaner. If you don't have access to any electricity, you can still inflate your air mattress with a big bag.

    Q: What is the easiest way to inflate an air mattress for heavy people?

    A hand pump is one of the easiest and most popular ways to inflate the air mattress without access to a built-in air pump or electric air pump. That will take you a good amount of time, but it is a great option if you're in a pinch.

    Meanwhile, utilizing a hand pump will need serious work, particularly if you have a bigger air bed to fill.

    Q: How often should I fill up my air mattress?

    Remember that you must only fill up your air mattress when ready to use it. It does not need to remain inflated forever.

    Do you find that there's some air leakage? Then it would help if you topped off the air bed with the pump again when necessary.

    Q: How do I fix leaks on my air mattress?

    Every air mattress loses some inflation over time. However, if you have noticed that your air mattress does not stay inflated or losses a lot of air, it possibly means it has a hole. Fortunately, fixing a leaking air mattress is simple with either a patch kit or a DIY method. 

    To repair the leak, you need to find the hole and clean the area. You can use an adhesive and some vinyl or plastic patches to cover the hole. You can test the patch after letting it sit for a few hours to ensure the mattress is no longer leaking.

    Q: Can a person of above-average weight use a standard air mattress?

    The air mattress weight limit varies on different individuals who will sleep on the mattress. For instance, a regular twin air mattress could hold at least 300 pounds. A king-size mattress has a weight capacity of between 500 to 600 pounds. A full air mattress can hold between 400 and 500 pounds.

    Generally, a twin air mattress is ideal for a single, average-weight sleeper.

    Q: What is the capacity of an air mattress for a heavy person?

    A suggested air mattress for a fat person must be at least ten percent more than you need, as you're putting added weight when you sleep instead of when setting. Children also love to jump on an air mattress, causing additional force.

    Three hundred pounds is a great limit for tall and big people-nonetheless, the more, the merrier. A heavy duty air mattress is durable, and it loses less air during the night.

    Q: Is it okay to use an air mattress every day?

    Yes. It is completely safe. However, like your regular mattress, you need to ensure your air mattress offers you the proper support. You can quickly get back pain from an air mattress that is not properly inflated and does not adjust to your back's contour.

    Q: Will using an air mattress hurt my back if I am heavier or fat?

    Take note that using an air mattress may hurt your back, especially if you are fat or heavier person. Still, it depends on the quality of the air mattress you buy.

    A good quality air mattress for heavy people must have good padding, should sustain the proper pressure throughout your sleep period, and must not give in to your weight. If that could meet all those standards, you have a winner.

    Hybrid and latex mattresses would oblige you to pick on the firmness levels, but an air mattress is convenient in letting you pick the most suitable firmness.


    Air mattresses aren't the major purchase you will make in your life, but it's one that you like to get right. You will find a few things in life quite as crucial as a good night's sleep, and choosing the right one is key to getting the rest you need to be at your best throughout the day.

    Whether this air mattress will be used by yourself or somebody else, you would like to do the research needed to choose the best product for your needs.

    With so many air mattresses available, settling on a particular pick can be difficult. Take your time to assess the information provided, but the right option might clarify.

    Our Rating Methodology

    After days of research and testing different types of mattress from over 50+ brands, our team of professionals picked these  mattress in the market based on crucial factors such as: Quality, Comfort, Temperature Regulation, Build, Price, and any other bonus features. For your convenience, we've ranked the test winner at top but make sure to check all the products before making a final call.

    Why should you trust us? We are a team of independent reviewers, which means all of our opinions and reviews are unbiased. We purchase every product using our own funds, test it thoroughly, and share honest information with you without any influence from manufacturers.

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