How Much Does A Mattress Cost? Important Factors To Consider

Mattresses are amazing additions to your bed that gives you a comfortable sleep. If you have wondered how much does a mattress cost and conducted your own research in order to find the answers, you must know that there is no scope of mattresses having the same price tag as every other mattress in the world. In fact, there is a myriad of options when it comes to types and sizes of mattresses available in the market that ultimately governs the price tag.

There are mattresses made of feathers, springs, foam, and even as extravagant as water! Sometimes they come in single bed sizes, or in sizes to fit two or more people. Every mattress has a unique characteristic best for preferred needs. Thus, they all carry different price tags. This article should give you an insight on things to consider on determining your budget and of course, how much you would need to spend.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors of a mattress you need to consider before making the decision. Otherwise, going into it blindly will not only lead to a bad choice but also render the mattress useless if it does not fit the pre-set requirements in your home. You may end up buying too big a mattress or too small. To determine how much a mattress costs, here is what you need to keep in mind.

1. Size

There are a few variations to mattress sizes and they all have differing prices. The smaller the mattress choice, the less expensive it is. However, this does not mean you will skimp out on a proper mattress to cut down on costs. There are other ways you can still ensure you are spending just enough on mattresses but we will delve into that later.

If you are going for twin-size beds, they should cost the least. King-size beds carry double the cost while fancier options like Twins XL and California King are even further along the price spectrum. Consider the frame of your bed and whether you want a double bed or a single. Make a decision based on the size and then consider the material of it.

2. Materials

Mattresses come in different compositions to fit different needs. People have more specialized needs now to cater to individual health conditions. Thus there are a few different options to take your pick from. 

There are hybrid mattresses that have the addition of both the foam and the spring coils. These are generally more comfortable than just the spring ones or just the foam ones. However, they are more expensive compared to the dedicated models.

Then there are memory foam mattresses that are highly recommended for treating back pain. Memory foam and copper-ingrained memory foams are generally pricier but less expensive compared to luxury foams made of latex. Consider the different benefits of the materials before splurging.

3. Online vs Retail Stores

Here is the dark truth: retail stores almost every time sell the mattresses at a sky-high markup price which is nowhere near the making charge. This is to tackle overhead costs, rent, hiring employees, and everything else to run a store and bring in more mattresses.

Online stores face minimal costs and this is why they are able to let go of their products at an attractive and reasonable price. However, retail stores have more options in terms of size and materials of the mattress making your choices online quite limited. Check if you can find what you are looking for online before taking a trip to the store.

4. Shipping

You may find that the mattress you fell in love with is reasonably priced but the shipping cost is going to set you back by quite a lot. It is suggestible that you decide on a mattress by considering the shipping charge as well.

If you are living further away from the country of origin, the charge may be too high for you to bear. They vary for different countries so keep n eye out and make sure you look around a lot more.

5. Set-Up

Setting up a mattress may seem like an easy task but the task has a string of additional considerations to be kept in mind before you take it on yourself. You may have to remove your old bed frame. Doing it on your own is not always easy and this is why you may need to hire help. 

Some companies come and set up your mattress for a fee while others aim for 100% customer satisfaction by offering them free set-up services. Keep a lookout for companies that offer free services. This will also mean that you are getting it set up by a professional and will not have to face any troubles.

Average Mattress Price

Type of Mattress$$$$$$
Hybrid<$1000$1,000 – $2,000> $2,000
Airbed< $1,000$1,000 – $2,000> $2,000
Innerspring< $700$700 – $1,000> $1,000
Airbed< $1,000$1,000 – $2,000> $2,000


When choosing a mattress for yourself, it is tempting to go for the cheapest option but they are also the worst for your physical well-being. Go for a mattress that is reasonably priced yet also holds capabilities that work to improve your health. You should set your budget according to this very mantra.

Store clerks, even though they want to push sales, generally have much more knowledge on the ideal mattresses available and will definitely guide you through the process. So make sure you know exactly what you want and do not be shy of asking questions.

Now that you know the inside news on how much does a mattress cost, we hope this article will finally give you a good night’s sleep!

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